Art Center Arhestanots

Formerly a chapel, then a house of culture, a warehouse and even used as a cafe, this building has now become a hospitable roof for representatives of all generations, who can show their creativity. The visitors can learn where the local clay is found and how it differs from clay in other regions, while mixing it with their own hands. This is a touching experience that everyone can enjoy. There are three offered options and experiment with Areni handicraft traditions.

  • Make an ornament by arranging the baked clay ankles on the thread.
  • Illustrate the clay candlesticks with brushes and acrylic paints.

Work with local clay, making cups, small plates, or other items․

Marketing approach

The organization has Facebook ( and Instagram ( pages and has a Google Maps location.

Financial situation

Financial stability is ensured through the sale of the products and services offered and the income from trainings for local youth. Grant programs have also contributed to financial stability.

Key success factors and challenges

The key to success is the uniqueness of the products and services offered in the region, as well as the variety of offers and the availability of alternatives in the form of experiences and ensuring the involvement of local rural youth. The main challenge is the situation created because of COVID-19.

Plans for future development

In the future, it is planned to increase the types of offered experiences and also to open a teahouse.

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Republic of Armenia/ Vayots dzor Region / v. Areni

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Pottery master class and making clay souvenirs

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