Chernobyl Tour

The agency organizes interactive programmes, including different activities, such as:

  • visiting the Chornobyl exclusion zone - the world heritage site;
  • dining in the Chornobyl nuclear power plant canteen with local employees;
  • measurement of radiation with a dosimeter during the tour, which allows comparing the level of radiation on different locations;
  • watching the documentaries during the way to/from the site for a better understanding of the accident on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant;
  • teaching skill of radiation survival during the tour;
  • visiting the self-settlers (locals who stayed in the Exclusion zone after the accident in 1986);
  • exploring the local flora and fauna;
  • offering of a wide variety of the Chornobyl-related souvenirs;
  • possibility to send a post-card from Chornobyl to a friend or family members.

Marketing approach

The agency uses different channels to communicate with their potential customers. For example, they actively work in the Social Media (by posting professional content on the regular schedule, communicating and engaging with customers/followers), using SEO. In addition, once they identify potential customers, they keep them involved using different forms of personal communication (face-to-face/ telephone/ personalized emails; surveys)

Besides, the company is using the B2B approach by creating new partnerships during the exhibitions or workshops.

Last, but not the least, their active social position is a great promotion of the business, too.

Financial situation

The agency generates revenue from the services and products they offer to the tourists and this way they fund their activities.

Key success factors and challenges

The team believes that Ukraine has many local traditions, beautiful sites and local food, which attracts the international tourists.

In addition, Chornobyl is a unique tourist destination – people will go there, since there is no other place in the world where they can get such experience. Therefore, focus on the distinctiveness is the key to the success in tourism.

Besides, the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the team of the agency also identifies challenges for the heritage and culture-based experiential tourism in general. In their opinion, there should be a better understanding of the importance of the heritage sites, so, hopefully, in the future, the important cultural and historical sites will not get ruined before they start being supported and protected on the governmental level.

Plans for future development

The team of the agency took time during the pandemic to review their business strategy and change or correct the direction, find ways how to develop the domestic tourism (develop and support local product) and get ready for the next tourism season. They are optimistic, that as soon as the pandemic is over, people will go back to traveling.

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The Agency is located in Kyiv, but they organize tours to Chornobyl, Ukraine

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