“Cultural Renaissance” Festival


The festival is special in its involvement: all 10 regions of Armenia and the Diaspora with their communities are represented here, as well as delegations of embassies and consulates accredited in Armenia. This festival becomes unique and extremely effective in order to give a more balanced rhythm of development in the communities far and near the development of culture and tourism, cultural dialogue, exchange of experience, establishment of business contacts between the participants. The festival emphasizes and attaches importance to the involvement of not one or two communities of the region, but as different as possible, far from the urban cultural life. Within the framework of the festival, samples of carpet art, decorative and applied works of art, national costumes, fine arts, embroidery, national cuisine, etc. are displayed. The culture of the RA regions is presented: song, dance, national instruments, as well as the tourism potential of the region (hotels, guest houses, restaurants, etc.). One of the key goals of the festival is to enliven the daily life of the region's population with new, interesting events, as well as to make the visits of tourists more diverse and interesting, introducing foreign guests to the millennial cultural heritage of the Armenian people and the peculiarities of national cuisine. For the guests of the festival it is the best way to communicate with the whole national color of Armenia in one day and in one place, as Armenia is united here with its culture, craftsmen, variety of arts, traditions of hospitality, song and dance. It also provides a unique opportunity to communicate with the culture of the friendly countries of Armenia, the peculiarities of the national folklore and to take part in the colorful celebration. The idea that the pavilions should not be perceived as a fair, but should become a living platform for creative processes, working atmosphere and master classes is of key importance for the festival.

Key message

The festival has been held since 2013 on the initiative of "MEDIA ONIX" Culture and Tourism Development and Promotion Company in the town Dilijan , Tavush regio., Since 2013 9 festivals have been organized, which were identical in nature and content, differing mainly in the type and number of cultural events and guests.

Key activities

The festival exhibits unique carpet art, even museum pieces, decorative-applied works of art: pottery, blacksmithing, woodworking, puppetry, national costume, fine arts, embroidery, national cuisine, etc. The defile gives a special form and content to the festival - the display of outfits and accessories with new and modern solutions of national costumes. The festival also presents the traditional Armenian lavash bread baking ritual around the tonier prepared on the spot. Wine and beer tasting is also organized. The festival is unique not only with its handicraft gallery, master classes, multi-content pavilions, but also with concert programs featuring local colors, accompanied by individual performers and ensembles.

Key partners and supporters

The partners and supporters of the festival were the RA Ministries of Economy, Territorial Development and Infrastructure, Foreign Affairs, regional administrations, communities of all regions of Armenia, MY ARMENIA, MY ARMENIA, Tavush Tourism Development Agency and other international and local organizations.

Participants, local community and customer segment

The festival is attended not only by well-known and deserving masters, but also by young people working in the field of folk art, thus giving them the opportunity to exhibit their work, become recognizable, valued, have a new arena and environment to exchange experiences, sell their work. In 2018, the Cultural Revival Festival of Arts and Crafts hosted delegations from around the world, who presented folklore typical of their countries, exhibits of decorative applied arts, souvenirs, national cuisine, and local master classes. The participants of different years were both domestic and international tourists.

Communication and dissemination channels

The organizers used social platforms, particularly their Facebook page, as well as the RA Public Television and YouTube platform, various local electronic media, both before and after the festival. Reports prepared by TV channels, various media outlets, and regular cooperation with travel agencies contribute to the growing interest in the festival, both among locals and tourists visiting Armenia.

Specific elements and features


The city of Dilijan is 95.9 km away from the capital Yerevan, and 34.8 km away from the regional center Yerevan. More information on availability can be found at https://t-armenia.com/en/app. The city of Dilijan can also be reached by minibuses from the Northern Bus Station of Yerevan. The organizers also carry out transportation in the direction of Yerevan-Dilijan-Yerevan during the festival.

Image Sources: https://www.facebook.com/artsandcraftsdilijan/photos/?ref=page_internal



Republic of Armenia, Tavush region, town Dilijan


The festival is organized in August or September.

Organizer and contact information

Phone: +37491 090097
Email: media_onix@mail.ru
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/artsandcraftsdilijan

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