E-Tours is a licensed tour operator and tour agent situated in Dobrich and Varna. It organizes guided tours and vacations in Bulgaria and around the world with a focus on the neighbouring countries, such as Romania, Turkey, Greece, etc.

The company has established positions on the local market due to the great variety of package tours it creates and promotes via its web site http://e-tours.bg . Unlike most of its competitors, E-tours is striving for originality and excellence, offering off-the-beaten-track destinations and unique experiences for the tourists.

Recently, it included in its program a free of charge walking tour around the city of Dobrich. The tour is approximately two hours long and is aimed at residents and guests of Dobrich who want to know more about the history of the city and to experience vividly and remarkably little known facts and places around.

It is also a wonderful way for socialization and making new friends. Residents are proud to present the rich heritage of their hometown, while tourists (both Bulgarian and foreigners) are benefiting from the opportunity to meet a true “Dobrichlia” (a native of Dobrich). Those contacts often result in friendship thus strengthening the experiential element of the activity.

 E-Tours offer two types of theme walking tours:

  1. Walking tour around Dobrich and
  2. Walking tour “The living past of Dobrich”

The tours go around sightseeing, monuments and heritage sites most of which are unknown even to local residents such as:

  • Monuments of people who have contributed to the city’s prosperity (such as the first mayor; businessmen and sponsors who have established schools, galleries and museums; soldiers who died for the freedom of our homeland; poets and writers who highlighted Dobrudzha in their work; emblematic literature character such as the flower boy Ljutzkan at the picture above;
  • Stone fountain build century ago, which is known as the “Eyes of Dobrich”;
  • Remarkable architectural heritage sites;

Military cemetery.

Marketing approach

The Walking tour is announced on the web site of the agency. Leaflets and posters are also prepared and distributed around the town. Tours get organized regularly, usually once per month and often around big holidays, such as the Bulgaria Liberation Day, which is on 3rd March. Being free of charge is one of the reasons for its popularity and the announcement are often done by word of mouth since many participants are bringing their friends and relatives with them

Financial situation

The tour is free of charge. It aims at encouraging local residents and visitors to be more conscious about the history and cultural heritage of the city of Dobrich. Apart from having educational and social purposes, the tour also promotes the organizing company (E-tours) and enhances its popularity among the potential consumers.

Key success factors and challenges

  • The tour reveals little known heritage (historical and cultural) and is appealing for both- residents and visitors of Dobrich;
  • Tour is guided by experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides who add additional value for the participants;
  • Tour is free of charge which attracts many participants from all walks of life;
  • Technical equipment is professional. Printed materials are prepared and distributed to the participants;
  • The activity provides opportunity for meaningful social contact and personal enrichment.

Plans for future development

The company is planning more free trips outside the city of Dobrich. The aim will be to familiarize residents and visitors with the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the nearby villages and towns. The focus is again on the unusual landscapes, not-so-popular sites and monuments, which often break the stereotypes that most people hold about Dobrudzha region.

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Dobrich, Northeast Planning Region

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