Ephorate of Antiquities of Chalcidice And Mount Athos

The Ephorate of Antiquities of Chalcidice and Mount Athos handles issues related to archaeological sites, monuments and historical sites, dating from the prehistoric era to 1830, as well as museums referring to the respective period. It is responsible for the protection and management of archaeological sites, monuments and historical sites, the planning and conduct of excavations and any form of archaeological research, the preparation of studies, the planning and execution of projects, for the protection, maintenance, restoration, landscaping and promotion of archaeological sites, monuments and historical sites, the protection of the natural landscape that surrounds them and the examination of requests for execution of projects that affect them directly or indirectly in cooperation with the competent services. Among its activities are:

  • Participation in exhibitions in the country and abroad;
  • Participation in International and European programs;
  • Organization and participation in workshops, conferences, seminars;
  • Design, organization and presentation of educational programs, cultural promotion events;
  • Promotion of communication activities, as well as the (production of conventional and digital publications and educational material…);

Co-organization of exhibitions or events jointly with Municipalities.

Marketing approach

Being a public service there is no marketing approach developed.

Key success factors and challenges

The institution has a strong partnership network involving:

  • Directorates of the Central Service and the other Services of the Ministry of Culture and Sports;
  • Local Government bodies and other parties in order to draw up program contracts with them for the research, protection, restoration and promotion of archaeological sites and monuments;
  • Collaboration with the schools.

The ephorate is open to the local society and is involved in the Utilization of the cultural heritage of "Mount Athos”. Besides, the administration of the site is actively involved in the adoption of new legislation on the lending of antiquities.

Plans for future development

In the future, it is planned different activities for the open public to be organised, such as overnight in a museum, in a monument or site or involvement of the guests in an excavation or in the maintenance process.

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Poligiros Chalkidiki, Region of Central Macedonia, Greece

Key words

historical site, cultural heritage

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