Ephorate of Antiquities of Drama

The Ephorate of Antiquities of Drama is a Regional Service of the General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage, of the Ministry of Culture and Sports at the level of Directorate, has its seat in Drama and territorial responsibility of the Regional Unit of Drama. The competence of the Ephorate concerns all issues related to the preservation, protection and preservation of antiquities, scientific research, discovery, preservation, promotion of antiquities and newer religious monuments. It also arranges the exhibition of the findings at the Archaeological Museum of Drama, the planning, management, study and execution of any archaeological project, the maintenance, repair, restoration, restoration, promotion and shaping of monuments and archaeological sites.

Main activities and applied innovations:

  • Participation in international and European programs;
  • Participation in exhibitions in the country and abroad;
  • Organization and participation in workshops, conferences, seminars;
  • Design, organization and presentation of educational programs, cultural promotion events;
  • Promotion of communication activities, as well as the (production of conventional and digital publications and educational material…);

Co-organization of exhibitions or events jointly with Municipalities.

Marketing approach

Given the public nature of its activities, there is no marketing strategy.

Key success factors and challenges

  • Cooperation with the Directorates of the Central Service and the other Services of the Ministry of Culture and Sports;
  • Cooperation with Local Government bodies;
  • The ephorate is open to the local society;
  • Joint care of archaeological sites.

Plans for future development

In the future, it is planned stronger collaboration with private entities to be developed.


Drama, Central Macedonia, Greece

Key words

historical site, cultural heritage

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