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Hospitality and friendliness as key elements in the creation of unique, “authentic”, and memorable experiences. For this purpose, when organising a tour, the team of the agency is always intending to provide their clients the opportunity to meet local people, get to know their lifestyle through everyday stories and local experiences, so they work in close cooperation with the locals.

The activities take place not necessarily in historical landmarks or basic historical places of the city, but in points with a hidden history. Besides, options for traditional cooking lessons, traditional food or wine tasting are usually included in the programme.

Marketing approach

The agency runs its own website and profiles on the social media. Besides, they use different online platforms and collaborate with alternative international tourist offices and online travel agencies.

Key success factors and challenges

Epiculiar Tours offers a fully designed tourism product (activities, transportation, payment methods, insurance, adapting information to the specifics of the visitor). They offer liability insurance policies and alternative payment methods.

The team has a deep knowledge about the meaning and dimensions of experiential tours and design activities based on the interests and specifics of each visitor. Besides, they focus on the creation of a friendly atmosphere between visitors and hosts. Due to various specialties of hosts – architects, philologists, guides etc. they employ an interdisciplinary approach when designing their tours.

The tours are organised in small groups, so every guest can be actively involved and gain more vivid experience.

All employees are well-qualified (having deep knowledge about the history and the culture of the place, foreign languages, passion, social and communication skills, adaptability in urgent conditions), but they undergo a constant training and education in the new tourism trends and challenges. In addition, in order to be competitive on the market, the agency constantly adapts its experiences and activities to the new conditions.

The agency offers guided tours adapted to the needs of the disabled and the elderly people.

Plans for future development

The agency is aimed at constant development and enrichment of the content of existing experiences.

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Thessaloniki, Athens

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Experiential tours in Athens and Thessaloniki regions

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