Ethno Village "Sisatura”

Ethnographic village "Sisatura" was established by Marika Todua and her spouse in village Chkhoria. They restored all types of residences to the initial form. "Sisatura" is located on the area of 3 ha and offers three different spaces to visitors – ethnographic space where traditional Megrelian residences, auxiliary rooms and authentic household and agricultural items are presented; the leisure zone where visitors carry out various activities in the nature, around the lake and the agricultural zone. "Sisatura" demonstrates the unique Megrelian-Colchian peculiarities, history, traditions and ethnography of Samegrelo region. Visitors can view ancient stone and wood utensils – Megrelian ethnographic items. "Sisatura" is a family business in which the entire family is engaged. Father-in-law, a professional musician, specialized in playing the accordion and member of the local folkloric ensemble. He gives music lessons to visitors if they desire. The trip to "Sisatura" includes attending culinary masterclasses, familiarization with traditions of the Megrelian family feast and tasting dishes.

Marketing approach

Recognition of the ethnographic village increased by means of the local and national TV channels. They successfully cooperate with the Destination Management Organization. At this stage, they need to gain competencies required for digital branding to present their business via the Internet.

Success factors and challenges

In the opinion of the hosts, the guarantee for success is doing things that are valuable for them and that make them proud. Emotions, interest and engagement of visitors are indicators of success of their business.

Mrs. Marika says that key to success of "Sisatura" is its unique character, which implies revival of Megrelian ethnic culture, traditions and customs based on Colchian traditions. Additional advantage of "Sisatura" is that most of ingredients required for the dishes cooked within the framework of the service (vegetables, dairy products and other agricultural products) are grown and produced locally.

Plans for the future development

 "Sisatura" will meet the new season of 2021 with novelties. The hosts plan to sell local products and produce vodka – Dirpa. A family restaurant and a new open space for cultural events (folkloric songs, dances, classical music, various creative events) will be added to the space. The goal of "Sisatura" is to promote the local traditions, culture, gastronomy using modern digital tools (promotional video clips, culinary lessons) and disseminate them on respective platforms, conduct virtual masterclasses via Internet platform, as well as increase the number of hotel rooms in order to receive tourist groups in the future.

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Georgia/Samegrelo, village Chkhoria

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Ethno torus, folk and culinary classes, agritourism

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