Garden Of The Cyrillic Letters (“Dvor na Kirilizata”)

A monumental complex of the Cyrillic alphabet and the Bulgarian ancient and contemporary history. Its name (in translation “Garden of the Cyrillic alphabet”) comes from the big letters erected in the yard of a castle made of stone.

The complex is a man-made attraction and opened in 2015 near Pliska, the first capital of Bulgaria. An interesting fact about the place is that it was designed, financed and built by a foreigner – an Armenian immigrant who moved to Bulgaria three decades ago – Karen Alexanian. He bought 8000 sq. m. of land and hired historians, architects, craftsmen, Bulgarian and foreign experts and artists to create this unique monument aiming to bring alive the Cyrillic alphabet and to promote national pride and spirit.

The complex has two distinctive areas: the front gate leads to the Garden of the Letters. The letters are huge sculptures made by hand out of stone. The second area is the Fortress with an exhibition of wax figures of the Bulgarian tsars and khans, and a gallery of pictures presenting Bulgaria’s glorious past.

There is also the so-called “Walk of the Writers” where 80 prominent Bulgarian and international authors are presented.

Marketing approach

The complex has its own web site, which serves not just for promotional but also for educational purposes, and provides valuable information on historic facts about the creation of the Cyrillic alphabet.

The monument is popular among tourists because it is situated near a major tourist site “Pliska – the first Bulgarian Capital”. It takes advantage of joint advertising and distribution, so the visitors can buy a combined ticket for both attractions, which instigates a great number of visitations.

The monument also attracts children from schools from all over Bulgaria because of its interesting layout and format.

Besides, the Garden of the Cyrillic Letters hosts many events: cultural activities, personal and corporate celebrations.

Financial situation

The complex charges a nominal entrance fee.

It also receives income from rents (some of the premises are used by third parties).

Key success factors and challenges

  • Unique attraction featuring the Cyrillic (Bulgarian) alphabet;
  • Exhibition of paintings and wax figures with which history can come into life;
  • Involvement of tourists via events and other activities.

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Pliska, Northeast Planning Region

Key words

Monument of the Cyrillic Alphabet, Historical-cultural attraction

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