Guest House Chalet-Gyumri

Its guests can find traditional recipes that Armenians have passed down through generations and their roots go back to time immemorial. Anyone  interested can take part in their preparation. In "Chalet-Gyumri" the visitors will learn the family recipe for making chanakh, a dish that is usually made with beef meat, sometimes with lamb meat. They can also make pokhindz as a dessert while the main dish is cooking. It is possible to observe the technique of getting flour from roasted wheat. When it is ready, it can be mixed it with honey, milk and add dried fruits, peas, etc. to taste. The children might be especially interested in visiting the small farm of the animals next to the guest house. In the farm, they will see Armenian Van cats and gampr dogs and hear interesting stories.

It also worth having a look at the small souvenir pavilion, offering the works of local handicraftsmen.

Marketing approach

The organization has its own website ( profiles on Facebook ( and Instagram ( It is is registered in TripAdvisor, and on Google Maps. The business cooperates with tour operators, too.

Financial situation

Financial stability is mainly ensured by charitable investors and programs, as well as part of the income from related agricultural activities is used to ensure the continuity of these activities. Friends support the business, too.

Key success factors and challenges

The key factors for success are related to the purposefulness of the activity, unity and family and strong teamwork. The main challenges were the organizational issues of using the area in this activity, in particular, when cleaning the area and adjusting the compliance with the master plan of the town.

Plans for future development

Future developments are predetermined by the situation created by COVID-19 and the geopolitical situation in the region. In general, it plans to continue the same activities, develop charitable work and create similar structures.

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Republic of Armenia/ Shirak Region / t. Gyumri

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The owners of Chalet Gyumri offer chanakh dish and sweet pokhindz making master class.

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