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Smbataberd is one of the big and impregnable fortresses of Vayots Dzor. It is built on a high triangular hill rising in deep valleys and is one of the most remarkable defence complexes in Armenia. The hiking trip ends at the "Legend" guest house in the village of Artabuynk near Smbataberd. There, the visitors can take part in one of the most famous Armenian culinary traditions - the baking of tonri gata. The process includes the process of making gata khoriz (core of gata), stuffing it and baking the gata itself. All guests leave the place with a unique recipe for gata, which they can later to prepare for their family and friends.

Marketing approach

The organization has a Facebook page (, it is registered on TripAdvisor and, has a Google Maps location, and cooperates with tour operators.

Financial situation

The main sources of financial stability are the income from the sale of organized services and personal investments.

Key success factors and challenges

The key to success is to make dreams a goal, dedication, a smile, the geographical location of the enterprise, the presence and proximity of natural, historical, and cultural sites, ecologically clean environment, cooperation and new tour products like experiences, hiking. COVID-19 is considered a key challenge for business activities, with its consequences and the issue of information exchange and dissemination.

Plans for future development

In the future, they want to turn the guesthouse into a recreation area, a complex with various services. They are currently rebranding their activities and will soon be introduced to the market in a new way.

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Republic of Armenia/Vayots dzor Region/ v. Artabuynk

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Smbataberd fortress hike and gata baking master class.

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