Guest House “Levana”

Guesthouse “Levana” is a home with a unique charm and character, built in 1944 and situated in Bulgarevo village, just 5 km away from Kaliakra Cape. The design and architecture combine natural materials such as stone and wood to create a traditional and cosy atmosphere, combined with the comfort of the modern home. The big yard offers several recreational areas, including a children playground, BBQ, swimming pool and outdoor bath facilities.

The idea behind the creation of “Levana'' is to create a childhood-like place, a lost paradise where visitors can reunite with their roots and with themselves walking barefoot on the grass, eating freshly picked fruits and vegetables. The connection with the hosts is evident in every detail. As a reviewer notes “… here you can talk to Krasimir and Lady Anastasia and listen to their story. A story that goes back at least 100 years… And that is when you start appreciating even more this place. Because it was built out of love and respect”.

The hosts cater for the needs of their guests by providing a number of options for both active and relaxing stay. For example, they organize bicycle rentals and tours to the nearby sites such as Kaliakra Cape, Bolata, and Yailata natural reserves.

The house works in close collaboration with the local authorities (Bulgarevo Town Hall and Kavarna Municipality) for the organization and promotion of a number of cultural activities and events. Some examples are the folklore fest “Songs and Dances in Bulgarevo”, the annual Celebration of the Melon or the famous “Horo na Megdana” (Round dance in the centre of the village), which takes place regularly in the warm summer evenings and brings together locals and tourists.

The house also patronizes the biggest rock and metal music events such as July morning or Balgarevo Rock.  They also organize educational and cultural events inside Levana’s premises such as arts exhibitions, concerts and others.

Marketing approach

Guest House “Levana” advertises its activities on its Facebook page.

It is presented in a number of platforms for on-line reservations such as,,

Financial situation

Main income source is room sale and renting of premises for cultural, corporate and personal events.

Key success factors and challenges

  • Authentic vintage atmosphere, enhanced by the stunning combination of natural building materials: stone and wood and a number of traditionalartefacts such as stone hearth, donkey cart etc.;
  • Great location near major tourist attractions: Kaliakra Cape, Oyster Sea Farm, Black Sea coast. Convenient access for Bulgarian and Romanian tourists;
  • Diverse offer including a wide range of activities and experiences: cultural, traditional (folklore), recreational etc.;
  • Intense interaction between hosts and visitors. Tourists are welcomed as real guests and enjoy persistent communication with the local residents;

Collaboration with local authorities for the creation of augmented experience for the visitors by offering a number of opportunities for involvement in cultural and socializing events and activities.

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Balgarevo Village, Dobrich district, Northeast Planning Region

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Traditional stone guesthouse, cultural events

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