Guest House “Maria-Nevena”

“Maria-Nevena” guesthouse is situated in Bezmer Village, Tervel Municipality, and consists of 7 guest rooms equipped with modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, kitchenette etc. The yard is 4 ha and includes a natural vegetable garden, where eco products are grown, as well as an orchard offering delightful seasonal fruits to the visitors. There is a children's playground, gazebo and recreational areas in the open. The house provides a large kitchen and dining room in which guests can prepare meals and socialize with the hosts and other guests.

An interesting attraction is the small museum exhibition staged in one of the premises near the main house displaying the traditional rites and crafts of Dobrudzha region. Antique agricultural and craftsmen’s tools are also exhibited and the guests are encouraged to try working with them, so they can get a more authentic feeling of what life was decades ago.

The hosts are trying to keep close contact with their guests and are always ready to help, serve, guide, or just to chat with the tourists. They also prepare upon request meals typical for the region, and the tourists often take active part in the cooking.

Organized tours to the nearby natural and cultural sites are also available. Activities in which tourists can be involved include climbing in the area of Dry River’s gorge, visitation of Rock monastery, hunting in the pheasant’s gaming reserve, fishing in one of the eight micro dams or visiting the legendary sanctuary of water spring Koru.

Hosts offer some other unusual experiences such as donkey- and horse-ride.

In 2008, the house received the prestigious “Green House” Certificate awarded by the Bulgarian Association of Alternative Tourism (BAAT) for its green and sustainable approach, offering of healthy traditional food produce and promotion of the local cultural and ethnographic heritage.

Marketing approach

“Maria Nevena” guesthouse has a web page:

It is promoted in several specialized on-line platforms such as and b, via social media and word of mouth.

Financial situation

The initial funding for the construction and renovation of the house was obtained partially though the EU programs for rural and regional development.

The operational expenses are covered by the sale of accommodation services. The prices are very affordable and the capacity is only 17 guests maximum at a time. The house is open throughout the year, but has peak attendance is in spring and autumn or during the national holidays.

Key success factors

  • Authentic, memorable experience of a traditional Dobrudzha home;
  • Intense interaction between host and guests;
  • Numerous activities and attractions that visitors can participate in, including an ethno-crafts exhibition;
  • Stimulation of all senses, including gastronomic degustation.


Destination is not popular and unknown to the tourists

  • Infrastructure to the site (especially roads) is in poor condition;
  • The house experiences strong seasonal demand with prolonged off-season during autumn and winter.

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Bezmer Village, Tervel Municipality, Northeast Planning Region

Key words

Guesthouse, crafts, rites, traditional way of living, contact with local residents

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