Guest House “Under the Walnut Tree”

"Under the Walnut Tree" is a family guesthouse, food experience and restaurant. The visitors can learn about Armenian traditions and take part in a gata making masterclass and learn how to bake gata in a tonir. Gata is a cake that is traditionally made during holidays, weddings, rituals and other special occasions. The guests can learn many creative tricks that Armenian culinary masters use at the Vayots Dzor Gata Festival to prepare their gata. Before baking gata, they can also taste some of the local vodkas made from grapes, plums, apples, berries and other fruits. Finally, the tourists can enjoy a meal in the large courtyard of the guesthouse with delicious dishes, as well as herbal tea and other refreshments.

Marketing approach

The organization has Facebook ( and Instagram ( pages, it is registered on Google my business, TripAdvisor, and has a Google Maps location.

Financial situation

Grant programs and business loans have formed the basis for ensuring financial stability, and at present it is provided by revenues from the sale of own products and services.

Key success factors and challenges

The main guarantee of success was working with the family and the compassionate attitude towards work and always ensuring high quality and its continuous improvement. The main challenge is the offers of similar services at a lower price in the market.

Plans for future development

In the future it is planned to expand the guesthouse, to create and develop new services and build more overnight capacities. The provision of buffet services is also currently being developed.

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Republic of Armenia/ Vayots dzor Region / t. Eghegnadzor

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Anyone can learn how to make gata in tonir

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