“HONEY and BERRIES” Festival


The people living in this region for centuries and millennia have stood out with their harmonious way of life with nature and  environment. The locals have managed to make the use of the goods of nature not only a part of their daily life and a way to take care of the problems of life, but also a culture and a lifestyle. This region is distinguished by lush forests, berries and delicious honey.

The festival is dedicated to the cultivation and presentation of honey and berries based on growing natural goods in the north-eastern regions of Armenia.

The main goal of the festival is not only to give the opportunity to the participants and guests to get acquainted with the amazing honey and berries of Tavush region, but also to promote the development of beekeeping products in this region and to increase the sales of local products. It also aims to present the region's resources and attract both local and international investors, activate local producers, and contribute to the balanced spatial development of the region with the help of tourism and tourism-related industries. With the help of the event it is also aimed to raise the culture in this region to a new level and, revealing the peculiarities of the local culture, to present them to the international community and tourists. The festival also aims to promote the preservation of local cultural values.

With the help of the festival, an attempt is also made to provide income to the residents of remote areas without leaving their homes, instead of looking for work in other places, by organizing their own business and with the help of tourism.

Key message

The festival has been held since 2012 on the initiative of the "Tavush Spiritual Revival Foundation" in the area called Soraner (dendropark) in the town of Berd, Tavush region. Since 2012, 8 festivals have been organized, which were identical in nature and content, differing mainly in the type and number of cultural events and guests.

Key activities

Among the key activities of the festival are the exhibition-sale of Tavush goods, culinary master classes, the most delicious honey cake contest, tastings of berries and food made from them, national songs and dances and the involvement of the participants in them. And during the night separating the two days of the festival, there is a concert with the participation of the State Jazz Orchestra of Armenia, and then the performances of the representatives of the Armenian author's song, already around the bonfire.

Key partners and supporters

Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation, Berd Municipality, Tavush Marzpetaran, Tavush Marz Tourism Development Agency were partners of the festival in different years.

Participants, local community and customer segment

The key participants of the festival are local producers, who present different types of products based on local honey and berries. The festival is intended for a wide range of participants, especially those who like sweet food and ecologically clean products. The participants of different years were both domestic and international tourists. Ambassadors and heads of various international organizations have also participated in the festivals organized in recent years as guests.

Communication and dissemination channels

The organizers used social platforms, in particular their Facebook page, as well as the RA Public Television and YouTube platform, the nationwide electronic ticket sales platform (https://www.tomsarkgh.am/) and various local mass media, such as before and after the festival.

Specific elements and features


The town of Berd is 171.6 km away from the capital Yerevan, and 58.5 km away from the regional center Ijevan. More information on availability can be found at https://t-armenia.com/en/app. You can also reach Berd by going to Ijevan from the Northern Bus Station of Yerevan and continuing the way by minibuses or taxis.

The organizers also carry out transportation in the direction of Yerevan-Berd-Yerevan during the festival.

Image Sources: https://www.facebook.com/TavusiHogevorVeracnundHimnadram/


Republic of Armenia, Tavush region, town Berd


The festival is organized in Summer (August).

Organizer and contact information

Phone: +37455 955559
Email: tavushfoundation@yahoo.com
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/TavusiHogevorVeracnundHimnadram/

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