Hotel Yeghevnut

The hotel offers an experience based on one of Syunik's traditional occupations, beekeeping. The traditions of beekeeping, the advantages and difficulties are presented in a hundred-year-old building. During the performance interesting stories about beekeeping, about lifestyle of bees and honey production are presented to the visitors. On-site beeswax produces a fragrant hand cream that is also used to treat dry skin. Moreover, with the help of the specialist the visitors can create their own beeswax cream by choosing and mixing different essential oils, each with its own smell and properties, and then learn the delicate process of mixing them with beeswax. In addition, the visitors can join tours to Syunik tourist attractions.

Marketing approach

The organization has its own website (, runs a Facebook page ( and profiles on, and TripAdvisor. In addition, the hotel has a Google Maps location and cooperates with tour operators.

Financial situation

Financial stability is mainly ensured by the income from the sale of services provided by the enterprise. The organization also, if necessary, took business loans, through which it was able to create new services and ensure sustainable operations. Grant programs have also been used to enhance financial stability.

Key success factors and challenges

The bases for success are considered being a family activity, always being optimistic and having a positive attitude towards the future. At the same time, it is very important to consider the organized cooperation and initiative, teamwork, employees as a key player in the enterprise. Challenges have also accompanied the establishment of business. In particular, initially there was a lack of knowledge about tourism activities, one-sided perceptions of tourism (tourist as an observer, not a participant), lack of experience for organized experiences. At present, the key challenge is the loss of old connections due to COVID-19 because of the closure of these enterprises.

Plans for future development

The key directions for future development are the establishment of new cooperation, the approach of starting all over again in many initiatives, the addition of new services (in the form of agro-cultural tours), the increase of new experiences (culinary, carpet weaving), the strengthening of cooperation with the state. The owners plan to install a solar power plant in order to reduce the cost of electricity.

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