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The Kites Festival was organised for the first time in 2012. Its main aim to present to the public the art of kite-making and to organize demonstrations of international kite clubs, which present their unique kite models, often reaching impressive sizes. Besides the demonstrations, the festival programmes include model-kite races, modelling activities and children's workshops where kids show off their talents and have fun. The children's workshops and creative workshops for the general public are held on themes related to flying and wind.

The festival originated in Varna, but nowadays it is organized as a series of events that pass through several cities along the Black Sea coast.

During the festival days the professional kite clubs showcase their latest creations, including attractive volumetric models of different animals - bear, tiger, octopus, ladybugs and many others. Another activity is the demonstration of flying sport kites - these are advanced models that fly very fast and describe complex shapes in the sky. The different kite demonstrations are accompanied by pleasant music, performed in the open air, and other entertainments for young and old.

Each edition of the festival sends out different socially important messages about the protection of the environment, conservation of endangered bird species and others. In the 2022 the theme was “Via Pontica” – “On the way of birds” as the festival locations were selected along the main bird migration route along the western Black Sea coast. 

Key activities

The Kite Festival includes three main types for activities – kite demonstrations, sport kite competitions and workshops. Many supplementary activities – like music performances - are organised for the general public on the beaches that host the main activities.

Innovative elements

The festival has a scope that is innovative for Bulgaria and the Black Sea region as the kites are not very peculiar for the traditional local culture. However, thanks to the festival, the kited have become part of the modern cultural scene in Varna and attracts very well the attention of younger generations.

Since its emergence in Asia more than two millennia ago, the art of kite making and flying has spread throughout the world. Today it is more popular than ever, it is a way of relaxation, a fun sport and a type of spiritual exercise. And unlike many other arts, it is never too early or too late to start practicing it.

Key partners and supporters

The festival has become a part of the cultural calendar of Varna municipality which co-finances the event. Local site management organisations support the events’ rally along the western Black Sea coast – such the Shabla Green Education Centre, Albena Resort Complex, Veleka Beach, Varvara Municipality, Varvara Kite Team and others.

Participants, local community and customer segment

The Kite Festival is with open access and welcomes all interested visitors. The number of participants, both presenters and tourists, has been increasing year by year. The majority of the kiters who present their work at the festival come from European countries though the ambition of the organisers it to enlarge the geographical scope as much as possible.

Communication and dissemination channels

The organizers of the festival carried out marketing steps, which helped raise people's awareness. A number of social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as well as thematic web-sites have been widely used for the promotion of the event. The festival programme has been announced on the regional and national media – particularly TV and radio-stations, the information desks and the tourist information centre of Varna municipality. 

Specific elements and features


Asparuchovo beach is located in the southern region of Varna with the same name – Asparuchovo - and can be easily reached via public transport, private vehicles, bicycles, scooters, even on foot.  

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Varna, Asparuhovo Beach


The festival is organized annually in the summer, in the end of July of the beginning of August

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"Asto - Air Miracles" Club




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