Kranovski Rock Labyrinth


The main idea, as the final goal, is to create a basis for the formation of a new regional tourist product to be offered on both the Bulgarian and international tourist markets. The proposed activity corresponds directly to the strategy for rural development in Bulgaria. This is largely true for the Kaynardzha municipality, which is a classic rural and at the same time border.

From the point of view of not only the tourist attractiveness, Dobrudzha and Ludogorie drylands can be defined as "alpine and subalpine microlandscapes" against the background of markedly low and generally flat terrain - a kind of natural oasis among the predominant agricultural areas.

The tourist trail itself (width 0.80 m) has a total length of 3.3 km, located on two levels - upper and lower. It is located on the right, rocky shore (in places with detached bizarre rock groups, dominated by the well-known rock crowns).

Key message

The specific goal of the idea of organizing the activity is the involvement and use of little-known tourist resources for the development of ecological and in particular nature-cognitive tourism. Getting to know the natural beauties in a poorly visited and unknown to tourists area in Northeastern Bulgaria.

Key activities

The main activities include:

  • Detailed field study;
  • Preparation of the final route of the tourist trail;
  • Designing the path;
  • Securing the steep sections of the trail;
  • Construction of observation decks in certain places with railings, stairs;
  • Establishment of an appropriate information system on site.

Experiential and interactive activities

The tourist trail is entirely in the field of adventure and adventure tourism. Going along the entire route offers a feeling of closeness to natural phenomena, as well as to the medieval rock monasteries, where you can feel the spirit of past historical times combined with contemplation of wildlife.

In the future, a visitor center could be built to offer interactive training to pupils and students through webcams located along the route and / or in the area of the trail, interactive screens, etc.

Innovative elements

The idea of creating and functioning of the tourist trail fully observes and is subject to the requirements for sustainability in development: environmental friendliness, economic and social effects. The planned main activities are in line with the preservation and protection of living and non-living nature - full compliance with relevant laws and regulations and regulations: for the protection of natural landmarks, for NATURA 2000, etc.

Main features and services that attract public

The natural resources and beauties of the region, the preserved nature and biodiversity are among the leading factors for attracting tourists and visitors. Among the key moments are the preserved rock monasteries from the Middle Ages, which transport tourists to past eras, completely different from the times of digitalization and globalization.

Key partners and supporters

The main driver is the Bulgarian Association for Rural and Ecological Tourism. The project was implemented with the financial support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation, as well as with the support and assistance of Kaynardzha municipality, Silistra region.

Participants, local community and customer segment

The main team works in partnership and close cooperation with the municipality. Kaynardzha and the town hall in the village of Kranovo.

The main target group of the event is all those who are interested in hiking and eco-tourism.

Communication and dissemination channels

The advertising of the activity is done mainly through social media, as well as orally by people who have already visited the sights. A website for the entire project, as well as a Facebook page have been developed to promote the tourist trail.

Specific elements and features

Managerial and organizational specifics

BASET has many years of experience in arranging eco-trails, geo-trails, geo-parks and landscape parks. For the needs of the work on the implementation of the tasks related to the construction and functioning of the tourist trail, a team with the participation of climbers, cavers has been purposefully formed.


Access to the area is possible mainly by car (only until one point and then on foot), as the route is not suitable for people with mobility difficulties. Access by bus is not satisfactory.

The tourist trail starts 2-3 km southeast of the village of Kranovo, next to the road, where there are suitable conditions for parking cars.

Liaison with other activities and events of the Black Sea Basin region

The implementation of this idea can be considered as a first step towards the future development of a cross-border Bulgarian-Romanian landscape park "Suha Reka - Lake Oltina".

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The sector of the canyon valley of the Suha Reka River, in which the tourist trail is built, falls entirely on the land of the village of Kranovo, municipality of Kaynardzha, Silistra region. The route is located on the right bank of the famous dry river Suha Reka in the state forest fund - mostly shrub - grass communities and formations in typical rocky limestone terrain.


Аll year round.

Organizer and contact information

Bulgarian Association for Rural and Ecological Tourism
(BASET), Varna 9000, Bulgaria, 3 Maria Luiza Blvd.,
tel .: +359 889 041 810,

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