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The wine estate Kir-Yianni to one of Greece’s largest vineyards. Besides good wines, it offers to its visitors a wide range of additional services and experiences, such as:

  • Guided tours and visits to the winery, where the guests can get more information about the process of vinification, production, bottling and storage areas, cellars for wine aging;
  • Cooking lessons with ingredients from the vineyard;
  • Picnics and bicycle races in the vineyards;
  • Painting exhibitions and art galleries related to place’s history and wine;
  • Guided tours in archaeological sites of the region and information about wine;
  • Theatrical performances and movie screenings related to wine and place’s history;

Possibility for visitor to take part in the harvesting of the grapes.

Marketing approach

The winery runs its own website (https://kiryianni.gr/) and maintains profiles on the social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). It gets promoted by “word of mouth”.

In addition, the business relies on strong collaboration with international tourist offices that promote wine tourism.

Key success factors and challenges

One of the key factors for success of the organisation is the deep knowledge about the wine (the wine estate is run by Stellios Boutaris, a fifth generation of winemakers) also, knowledge about the history and the culture of the place.

The wine estate actively cooperates with local enterprises and trade associations of the region in order to promote local products, which helps not only for the distribution of the production, but also as a strong communication/marketing tool.

The tours and the activities offered to the guests take place in small groups, which makes them more experiential and memorable.

Last, but not the least, at the moment, in the tourism sector the demand related with wine tourism activities is rising, which provides excellent opportunities for growth.

Plans for future development

The owners intend to support actively the overall development of tourism in the region, through their activities. In addition, they plan to establish cooperation with regional/local cultural institutions and museums.

Source of the images: https://kiryianni.gr/


Yianakohori, Naoussa, Central Macedonia

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Wine and food tasting, guided tours

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