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Тsarev Brod Vinery is located in the picturesque Shumen village of Tsarev Brod that is in turn nested between the first two Medieval capitals – Pliska and Preslav. The famous rock bas-relief of the Madara Rider – one Bulgaria’s famous UNESCO heritage sites – is also in the area. Tsarev Brod Village is also unique in its history and culture. It was inhabited from pre-historic times and later Thracians lived there. In the 1930s it became the home of German families who moved from Banat and Landau, who decided to engage in agriculture in the area. Thus, a unique multicultural community was developed where Bulgarians, Germans, Tatars, Turks, Russians, Hungarians, Albanians and Armenians lived in peace and friendship. This is also visible in the food-preparing traditions.

Tsarev Brod Village is located in an area famous as the "Home of White Wines" in Bulgaria. The variety of styles and the quality of the wines produced here make it a true kingdom of the white wine varieties. Logically, the most famous product of Tsarev Brod Vinery is Genragna – a local white wine.

Tsareve Brod Winery was created in 2015, however the idea was born in 2001 when the owners the idea was planted the first acres of vineyard in the village. The winery is located right next to the vineyard, so that perfection in the quality of the wine is achieved by processing the directly picked fruit.

The owners grow a wide variety of excellent wine grapes, but are proudest of the authentic Bulgarian varieties. After fifty years of oblivion, they managed to revive of the forgotten Bulgarian variety Gergana - an authentic white wine variety obtained by crossing Dimyat and Muscat Ottonel.  There is no other winery in Bulgaria that works with this variety, which makes the winery "Tsarev Brod" truly exceptional. With their "Bulgarian Series" wines, we are sending an important message about the preservation of Bulgarian varieties, which are part of Bulgaria's historical roots.

Though “Tsarev Brod” Winery relies on authentic and traditional grape varieties, the production of wines is based on novelties, modernity and experimentation.

Innovative elements

Tsarev Brod Winery’s Mission is to revive the long forgotten Bulgarian grape varieties and to turn the eyes of Bulgarians back to Bulgarian wine, which deserves to be restored to its glory.

They have introduced the practice of on-line and on-site guided wine tastings that allows connoisseurs to enjoy their unique produce from a distance. Unique wine-tours are organized as follows:

  • Virtual tour of the vineyard and the winery, combined with a virtual tasting with an expert based on the delivery of the wines-to be tasted to a physical address
  • On-line meetings with wine-experts for the discovery of the secrets of wine and wine-making
  • Traditional on-site degustation
  • Extended degustation package, including gourmet six-course menu and six-course wine degustation, on-site overnight stay at the winery and breakfast
  • Gift cards

The main element of all events refers to the creation of memories and experiences.

Key partners and supporters

“Tsarev Brod” Vinery is a successful business venture with run by enthusiastic and visionary professionals. They participate in many wine exhibitions and supply wines for established restaurant and catering facilities. The Culinary Arts Institute at the Varna University of Management relies on “Tasrev Brod” wine for its gourmet dinners, prepared by the students on weekly bases and also organises study-trip visits there so that the students are introduced to the secrets of wine-production, tasting and sommeliership on site.

Participants, local community and customer segment

The wine tastings welcome visitors from all over Bulgaria and abroad. Their number has been increasing year by year.

Communication and dissemination channels

The winery owners carried out marketing steps, which helped raise people's awareness. They manage an interactive bilingual web-site. A number of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as thematic web-sites for tourism and travel have been widely used for the promotion of the event. The excellent logistics network allows for on-line orders (besides on-site) prompt delivery to anywhere in the world. However, the best experience are created during the on-site degustation when one can see the vineyards growing, the wine-production cycle and then taste the unique produce in a typical atmosphere. 

Specific elements and features


Tsarev Brod Winery is reached easily by car. There is public bus-line connects the village of Tsarev brod to the regional center of Shumen.


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Tsarev Brod Village, Shumen Municipality


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Tsarv Brod Winery
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