Ongul Historical Centre

The audio-visual centre “Ongul” opened in August 2014 with the aim to present and promote the turbulent history of the Bulgarian land and the cultural heritage of our ancestors.

The complex consists of a wooden fenced fortress with gates and fortified towers in resemblance to the antique city of Ongul built by the founder of our country – Khan Asparuh.

The fortress hosts nine thematic halls which revive the history of the Bulgarian lands starting 7500 ago to present days.

Digital speakers and a blue light lead visitors through the halls and visualizes synchronically the images relevant to the narrative. This technology advancement enhances the focus of the tourist and helps create a more vivid illustration of the past. Learning about history becomes an exciting and interesting experience. 

Special attention is paid to the most ancient inhabitants of the Balkan Peninsula – the Thracian people. The Bulgarian history is presented with its peaks and downs, glory and misfortune in seven foreign languages. An exhibition of various military and agricultural artefacts is situated in the yard of the complex.

The visitors can take pictures dressed in ancient chain mails holding cold weapons typical for the ancient Bulgarian soldiers.

Marketing approach

The centre is a heritage attraction included in the program of most of the local tour operators. Almost all tours or day-trips to Kaliakra Cape and the vicinity provide a short visit to Ongul.

The complex is also visited by individual tourists who are looking for more authentic and interesting experiences. It is presented in a number of private travel blogs whose authors are the best ambassadors of the Ongul’s magic.

As for the moment, the centre does not have a website, but its Facebook page ( is updated regularly.

Financial situation

There is a nominal entrance fee for access to the museum. The founder and owner is an enthusiastic historian and prioritizes the educational and social benefits over the financial profit.

Key success factors

  • Digitized audio-visual interpretation of the Bulgarian history;
  • Story telling rather than mere facts, data and information;
  • Spectacular re-construction of the history, including possibility to touch and play with items from the past;

The anager/owner/ founder is passionate about promoting the greatness of Bulgaria's past and is open for discussion with the visitors.

Plans for future development

The founder, Valentin Simeonov, is planning to enhance the experience with more images and enriched digital visualization.

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Bulgarevo Village, Kavarna Municipality, Northeast Planning Region

Key words

Historical centre, old Bulgarian Kingdom, private heritage museum

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