Street Food & Art Festival

Street Food & Music Festival is a new model of city festival which brings together visual arts, music and food on Varna’s streets.

The festival is a five-day event and includes a number of free workshops and degustation. It provides a scene for many artists who perform before a broad audience of visitors. Culinary bloggers are doing live demonstrations. Famous musicians or actors are also preparing food before their fans. Chefs celebrities are featured and are responsible for the culinary masterpiece available to the visitors on the street. Chef Instructors from the Culinary Institute at VUM are also among the active participants.

Each festival day is completed with an evening open cinema or live concert.

The kids are not forgotten and have special programs that include crafts and cooking lessons.

The last day the Street Food Award ceremony takes place and the winner has the chance to present the country in the Grand Finale in Switzerland.

Recently, the festival’s location have increased to include also the cities of Bourgas and Plovdiv.

Marketing approach

The organizers are promoting the festival via various media: through their web-site  and Facebook page. They also use printed materials, such as posters and billboards and advertise in radio and local TVs.

Financial situation

Festival is partially free. For some of the events an entrance fee is required. The main income comes from the sale of food and drinks. The festival also attracts a number of sponsors who willingly support the popular event.

Key success factors and challenges

Success is due to:

  • Innovative approach of combining street food with arts and music;
  • Choosing prime location (in the heart of Varna near the Sea Garden entrance) which is an important factor for event’s popularity and the excellent attendance rate;
  • Affordability and variety of experiences: low or no entrance fee; various culinary demonstrations with free or paid degustation;
  • Appealing to almost all types of people, activities provided for all age groups (including children), cinema and concerts are based on various themes covering a broad audience;
  • Involving a number of celebrities (chefs, actors, musicians, artists) who attract even more visitors.

Challenges: COVID19 pandemic cut the number of participants and lead to cancellation of some of the envisaged activities.

Plans for future development

Plans for a new location of the festival (in Sofia and other bigger cities).

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Varna, Northeast Planning Region

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