Traditional Guesthouse Of Dimosthenis

The guesthouse offers a bit variety of activities to its visitors:

  • Traditional food tasting, in cooperation with local food producers;
  • Biking and hiking in waymarked paths or blooming cherries area / sunflowers area/ meadows;
  • Picnic in Paiko Mountain;
  • Agricultural activities in collaboration with other alternative and experiential tourism enterprises or local producers;
  • Night walks to observe fireflies or full moon;
  • Archery and weaving lessons;
  • Thematic activities related to mushrooms (truffle etc.);
  • Narratives of children fairytales;

Synergies with the museums and archaeological sites of the area for group tours and activities.

Marketing approach

The guesthouse runs its own website and profile on the social media. Besides, it gets promoted through blogs and radio stations, as well as word of mouth.

Key success factors and challenges

  • Investigation of the needs and the profile of the visitor. Personalized tour packages for the best possible guest experience;
  • Deep and specific knowledge and skills of the particular activity, history, culture of the place and local life;
  • Focus on the creation of a friendly atmosphere;
  • Constant passion about the activity;
  • Trying to differentiate their enterprise from a mass tourism accommodation to a place where the visitor could feel familiar, learn the history of the place and have adventure activities;
  • Absence of promotion of the area by public bodies;
  • Lack of willingness for combined action and networking between tourism stakeholders;
  • Lack of collective vision and tourism Master plan.

Plans for future development

The owners plan to sustain and further develop the existing activities, as well as to cooperate further with local enterprises from their field of interest. In addition, they plan develop a consistent and professional approach in the fields of visual communication and marketing and to approach new international tourism markets.

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Goumenissa - Kilkis, Central Macedonia

Key words

Traditional accommodation, various activities in the area and in Paiko Mountain

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