Tural Service (International Travel and Tourism Club “ALPHA” (Alpha Travel Club))

The team organizes different activities for individual tourists and small organized groups: festivals of creativity for children, visits to wineries and tastings, gastronomic meetings in traditional establishments, student internships abroad and courses for professional development of Ukrainian academics.

Marketing approach

In order to reach their customers, the agency uses social media, email marketing.

Financial situation

The agency is working mainly with individual travellers and small groups of tourists. Their clients choose experiential tourism, including event tourism. The agency cooperates with small host companies and private guides in the countries they organize trips to. The team of the agency considers this model as most relevant for the development of cultural heritage and experiential tourism. However, development is impossible without special programs and information support.

Key success factors and challenges

The team of the agency always keeps an eye on the trends in the demand. Being a small family business and having many years of experience in creating author’s tours, the organisation has the flexibility and skills to change its offer, in response to the changes in the customers’ preferences. For instance, they have observed that the gastronomic tours has become increasingly popular lately, so they are working on the development of such products at the moment.

Concerning the challenges, the biggest ones now are related to the COVID-19 pandemic and all the restrictions imposed, in this regards, which make it very complicated to organize touristic experiences, especially abroad.

Plans for future development

In the nearest future, the company is aiming to enrich its portfolio including the development of more tours including new activities and destinations.

Source of the images: http://www.turalservice.com/


Ukraine and abroad (the office is located in Kharkiv, but the agency organizes trips abroad for Ukrainian tourists, mainly visiting different destinations, located on the Black sea coast)

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