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Varna Winery is a project of Grigor Grigorov (vine-grower and investor) and Tsanko Stanchev (oenologist/ wine expert). The winery’s aim is to revive the wine producing traditions of Varna region.  

The winery is especially designed for wine tourism and is open for visitation and degustation. The cellar is located 2 km from the beach, in the immediate vicinity of Albena, Balchik and Golden Sands resorts. ‘Varna Winery” is equipped with modern facilities for producing high-quality wines. The technology is at the same time modern and traditional. This is the first place in Bulgaria where mashed grape and wine is transferred through gravity, without using pumps. This method supplements the gentle manual operations for making unique wines.

The wine tours promote the traditions of wine making and include a guided tour around the facilities with discussion about the production methodology, tasting of three or more wines manufactured on spot (Riesling, Rose and Syrah) and food to refresh the taste (usually small bite-size cheese mix). The tours last from 45 to 95 minutes.

Marketing approach

The winery is advertising online and through its own web page

Financial situation

The winery offers several price options for wine tasting tours such as economy package, silver and gold package ranging from 7 to 15 EUR.

Substantial portion of the income is due to the wine sales and hosting of various corporate and private events.

Key success factors and challenges

  • Involvement of all visitors’ senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch);
  • Creation of unique and memorable experience;
  • Knowledgeable guided visit;
  • Degustation is paired with educational benefits;
  • Wine tasting is a symbol of prestige.

The winery was closed in the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic and is expected to reopen any time now.

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Varna, Northeast Planning Region

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