"Vardavar" or the Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ is one of the five “Tabernacle” feasts of the Armenian Church. It is a popular custom during the festival to sprinkle water on each other and release doves, which symbolize the flood, the salvation of Noah's family, Noah's dove. It is also customary to decorate with flowers, which is an expression of great joy at the sight of the glory of the Son of God [].

The popular name "Vardavar" probably comes from the custom of pouring rose water.

St. Gregory of Tatev explains the name of the holiday "Vardavar" by comparing Jesus with a rose. Just as the rose is hidden in its shell before it is opened and is visible to all when it is opened, so Jesus, before the transfiguration, carried the divine essence in Himself and, being enlightened, revealed His divinity.

Vardavar is celebrated all over Armenia, in some regions the day of the holiday differs due to local folk traditions (in fact, because Vardavar is celebrated on different days in different parts of Armenia, usually after the first week of July, Vardavar celebrations take place on Sundays and Sundays. where they differ in their versatility). It is organized in Yerevan with a special splendor and aims to involve the guests of the city in an interesting and fun celebration. The annual event in the heart of Yerevan helps to preserve and revive the tradition and cultural celebrations of Vardavar, which have reached us since pre-Christian times, when the holiday was associated with the worship of the Goddesses Astghik and Anahit or Navasard (nav- new, sard - year; in Arm.,). The symbol of Vardavar was the worship of water, when the natural elements that sponsored fertility and fertility were honored. In earlier times, the celebration took place mainly in the mountains, near the water sources, which were considered unique sanctuaries and where donations were made, wine was poured in honor of the water element. Now it is more of a celebration of cooling off and having fun in the hot summer heat.

Vardavar is a national holiday, and as a rule it is organized by the people in their communities. The events dedicated to the holiday in Yerevan usually start on the eve of Vardavar with a festive procession starting from the Primate of the Ararat Patriarchal Diocese, St. Sargis Church, which has become a good tradition in recent years. The event is organized under the title "Let's restore our national holidays". The participants of the festive march organize a march with national song and dance to the Children's Park of the capital, where the main festive event takes place. Many passers-by from Yerevan and tourists also join them on the way.

Key activities

During the event organized in the children's park, the games and rituals in line with the holiday's theme are presented, including the roasting of apples and the distribution of ears, which was directly attended by the residents of Yerevan and the guests of the capital. The next morning, the festivities begin with a Divine Liturgy dedicated to the Feast of the Transfiguration in the churches, during which a water blessing is performed. The events organized by the Yerevan Municipality dedicated to the Vardavar holiday, according to the tradition, start with a parade of watering cans in the early morning, when the cars also walk in the yards and streets of the administrative districts of the capital, supplying the necessary volume of water to Vardavar water games participants. The main and most crowded event dedicated to Vardavar, according to tradition, takes place in the Swan Lake of the capital. Yerevan Municipality provides all the conditions here for happy water games and unforgettable entertainment.

Innovative elements

The parade of water cannons through the streets of Yerevan has become one of the inseparable and favorite traditions of the celebration of the event in Yerevan.

Key partners and supporters

The key supporters of the event are the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and the Ararat Patriarchal Diocese.

Participants, local community and customer segment

Almost everyone participates in the festival, regardless of age, who wants to cool down and have fun. In particular, children and young people love Vardavar the most, thanks to whom the holiday has acquired a more popular name - "Tsrotsi".

Communication and dissemination channels

The organizers use both social platforms, particularly Facebook, as well as local media, which prepare photo reports from the celebration. You can find information about the celebrations organized in previous years at the following links:

Specific elements and features


On Vardavar holiday you can take part in a beautiful tradition in almost all communities of Armenia. The festivities in Yerevan have two main "epicenters": Swan Lake and Republic Square where you can get by any type of transport mean existing in Yerevan.

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Republic of Armenia, city of Yerevan


The event is organized in summer on the Sunday of the 14th week (usually in July) following Saint Easter

Organizer and contact information

Department of Culture and Tourism of Yerevan Municipality Հեռախոս՝ (011) 514230
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