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World Forestry Day is celebrated around the world on the 21st March each year under the auspices of the UN. This day, which coincides with the vernal equinox, was declared World Forestry Day to bring people closer to forest that covers 25% of the Earth's surface, to stimulate their interest to learn more about its functions, but also about the need of protection, which is vital for human survival, and thus to raise their awareness and make them participate in the protection of the area.

Key message

The main message is the protection of the forest, which is a very important task especially nowadays, due to the negative developments in environmental issues, such as climate change, greenhouse effect, land desertification, threats to biodiversity and extensive deforestation.

Key activities

  1. Presentation about the day, its values and its uniqueness.
  2. Environmental activities that aim to raise public awareness about the value of the forest and the need to protect it from natural and man-made threats.
  3. Hiking in the forest.
  4. Bird watching.

Experiential and interactive activities

All activities taking place in the forest could be characterized as experiential in the measure that visitors participate with a physical presence and with all their senses. Experiential activities include hiking in the forest, bird watching and environmental activities.

The Management Body organizes as well the EuroBirdwatch event every year that also includes experiential / interactive activities.

It also participates in the Mushroom Festival that takes place in the forest and includes experiential / interactive activities, such as collection and storage of mushrooms, mushroom drying display, cooking with mushrooms, truffle search, environmental activities for children, etc.

Main features and services that attract public

The attractiveness of the event is first of all the opportunity for a trip to nature and the connection with nature. The fact that the celebration of Forestry Day coincides with the end of winter and the beginning of spring is an incentive in itself. Hiking in nature, contact with other people and the opportunity for a creative event for children make the event a pole of attraction for the residents of the wider area.

Key partners and supporters

The event is organized by the Management Body, so there aren’t any partners and supporters / sponsors.

Participants, local community and customer segment

The event is open to the public and everybody can participate in all activities. A special invitation is sent to primary and secondary schools in the area of Evros. Children can more easily comprehend the messages of the event and gain environmental knowledge and awareness.

Communication and dissemination channels

Promotion for the event is mainly made through social media and the website of the Management Body. A special invitation is sent to the primary and secondary education units as well as individual invitations to the pupils of the schools of the area.

Specific elements and features

Managerial and organizational specifics

The Management Body of the National Park of Dadia – Lefkimi – Soufli Forest was enacted in 1999 by Law 2742/1999 (OJ 207Α/7-10-1999) and was founded in 2003 as part of the network of Institutions of Protected Regions’ Management that was created by the Greek government to harmonize Greek legislation with international and European regulations. It is a Legal Entity of Private Right of public benefit character and it is under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. The Management Body started operating in April 2005. Until 2009 it was financed by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and from 2010 until now it is financed by the Operational Program “Environment and Sustainable Development”.

It is managed by an Administrative Council of nine (9) people that are appointed by the Ministry of Environment and Energy. The personnel of the Management Body consists of 13 persons and 2 external associates.


The most direct way to access Dadia and the facilities of the Management Body is by private car. There are regular bus services from Soufli to Dadia with return. Also, TAXI can be rented from Soufli to Dadia.

Liaison with other activities and events of the Black Sea Basin region

There are no associations and connections with other countries for this event.



The event is taking place at the Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli Forest National Park Information Center. The Center is located in Dadia, about 800 meters from the main square of the village, at the heart of the protected area. It has been operating since August 1994, promoting the protection of nature in the area, providing information and raising public awareness on the ecological values of the National Park.

The Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli Forest National Park is one of the most important protected areas at national, European and international scale and one of the first areas in Greece to be declared as protected. The National Park is located in the Regional Unit of Evros, in the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace, and covers an area of 428 km2, 72.9 of which are strictly protected. It’s geographical position is very important, as it is at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa and close to the easternmost migration route flyway of many bird species. In 1970 European scientists recognized the importance of Dadia Forest, in 1980 the area was declared as protected and since 2006 it has been characterized as a National Park. In the area, 360-400 plant species have been recorded, 25 out of which are orchids. There have also been observed 104 butterfly species, 12-13 amphibian species, 29 reptile species and 60-65 mammal species 24 out of which are bats. Currently, it is one of the few refuges for rare birds of prey in Europe, while it is home to the only breeding population of Black Vultures in the Balkans.


It takes place on the 21st March every year.

Organizer and contact information

Management Body of the National Park of Dadia – Lefkimi – Soufli Forest.
Telephone number:
Information Center: 2554032209,
Offices of Management Body: 2327028004,

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