Xanthi Old Town Festival


The Old Town Festival, first organized in 1991, aims at the promotion and development of a residential area that has special characteristics and a rich historical and cultural heritage, so that everyone becomes aware of the responsibility we have to defend this cradle of cultural heritage and identity. During these celebrations, the city relives old memories while experiencing the present, through the rhythm of music.

Key message

An intermediate period that extends the carefreeness and fun of the summer holidays, shortly before the start of the school season.

Key activities

Concerts, performances, exhibitions, guided tours (for example in the traditional settlement, in museums), hangouts (outdoor taverns) of associations, hangouts with traditional dishes, book and documentary presentations, summer cinema and trade fair.

Experiential and interactive activities

Children's workshops, round tables, presentations of music workshops. Most experiential activities are addressed to children to inform and educate them as well as make them practice skills that enhance their personal, learning and social development, discover the use of materials and sharpen their imagination and creativity. For example, the 2021 included workshops with activities like storytelling, games (theatrical, creative writing, etc.), art activities, etc. regarding the natural environment, animals and healthy diet. The children create nests for animals (using environmentally friendly recyclable materials), create with clay, create fairy tales, draw maps, prepare fruit dishes and many more. Another workshop organized for the parents aimed to help them encourage their children's reading interest. The workshop included suggested techniques, discussion and an experiential activity. Also, a group training was held for the visitors to exercise through a route in the alleys of the Old Town of Xanthi.

Innovative elements

Only digital methods of communication and sale of services.

Main features and services that attract public

The location of the events within the traditional settlement as well as the quality of the events and the number of participating associations - institutions.

Key partners and supporters

Main sponsors/supporters are: Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Athenian Brewery SA, Cosmote, E-Value.

Also, many associations, foundations/institutions, cooperative groups, etc. contribute to the event, through the organization, provision and supervision of various activities.

Participants, local community and customer segment

All age and social groups. Increasing tourist flows from neighboring Balkan countries, mainly Bulgaria and Turkey (before the outbreak of COVID19).

Communication and dissemination channels

All means of communication.

Specific elements and features

Managerial and organizational specifics

The Cultural Center of Xanthi, established in June 2011 (OJ 1190B/ 09-06-2011) as a Legal Entity Governed by Public Law (NPDD), is governed by the laws of public bodies. It is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of 11 members with their deputies (5 Municipal Councilors of the majority with their deputies, 2 Municipal Councilors of the minority with their deputies, 3 Citizens with their deputies and 1 employee representative with a deputy).


The whole transitional settlement is pedestrianized during the event.

Liaison with other activities and events of the Black Sea Basin region

There are not any connections with other events and activities in other regions/countries.



The activities take place in the historical settlement of the Old Town of Xanthi, which is located in the Regional Unit of Xanthi. The Old Town of Xanthi is one of the largest urban traditional settlements in Greece. It was officially characterized as a traditional protected settlement in 1978. In the Old Town there are 12.000 buildings listed as protected edifices.


Late August - early September.

Organizer and contact information

Culture Center of Xanthi,
Telephone number: 2541073640,
email: evevntskpdx@gmail.com

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