Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is one of the largest museums in Greece and the central archaeological museum of northern Greece. All visitors are welcome to experience its unique collections of ancient artefacts as well as its rich and engaging cultural activities, such as:

  • Wheel pottery workshop (creation of copies of ancient Greek pottery, figurines, etc.);
  • Metal stamps copies of ancient coins workshop;
  • Theatrical mask making workshop;
  • Paper folding workshop – origami;
  • Escape room;
  • Excavation simulation;
  • Treasure hunt;
  • Theatrical improvisations – events;
  • Role-playing games (RPG) inside the museum exhibitions;

Gastronomy evenings, wine tasting events.

Marketing approach

The Museum has a strong presence on the internet maintaining an own website ( profiles on the Social media (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube.

Key success factors and challenges

  • Deep Knowledge of the culture and heritage of the region;
  • Activities are designed based on the interests and specifics of the visitor (special emphasis on the disabled people);
  • Fully designed product;
  • Very well qualified employees;
  • Collaboration with additional institutional bodies from the rest of the country and from abroad;
  • Cooperation with local administration authorities;
  • Quality control - quality certification of the offered programs.

Plans for future development

The team of the museum plans to develop new programs based on technologies, virtual reality, etc. and activities designed for people with disabilities (especially people with vision or hearing impairment).

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Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece

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