Dot2dot is a Sightseeing tour agency in Thessaloniki. Its activities include themed walks and alternative routes in the city of Thessaloniki and nearby archaeological sites, educational programs for educational and social organizations, as well as cultural and artistic workshops and events for kids and adults.

The agency offer themed walks and alternative routes in the city. They use interdisciplinary approach, involving not only the presentation of information, but trough storytelling and role playing techniques the visitors have the chance to gain a vivid and unforgettable experience.

The tour guides use carefully designed scenarios, with an emphasis given on the surroundings and the triggering of senses, feelings, emotions and thoughts. Visitors are invited to uncover mysteries or solve enigmas and many times historical information is given through a small minute performance by actors.

Marketing approach

The agency promotes its activities though a website (, profiles on the social media (Facebook and LinkedIn). They send a newsletter on a regular basis, too.

Key success factors and challenges

  • Deep knowledge about the definition and dimensions of experiential tourism;
  • Focusing on the visitor’s value and needs. Activities are designed based on the interests and specifics of the visitor;
  • The groups are small, which makes the tour more experiential;
  • Fully designed tourism product (activities, transportation, payment methods, insurance, adapting information to the specifics of the visitor);
  • Well qualified employees (deep knowledge about the history and the culture of the place, foreign languages, creativity, communication skills);
  • Constant training and education in the new tourism trends and challenges;
  • Designed tours for the disabled and the elderly people.

Plans for future development

The founders of the agency plan to enrich the content of themed walks and alternative routes and to enlarge their team, so they can work with more groups.

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Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia

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