Тrigiro is an agency, offering bicycle tours, combined with hiking, tasting and feeling. They help visitor discover a place through trekking, biking, food and wine tasting.

The organisation closely cooperates with local wineries and restaurants, which are included in the tours.

Тrigiro was awarded as an adventure tour operator of the year 2019 by the Luxury Travel Awards (

Marketing approach

The agency runs its website ( and profiles on the Social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest). Besides, it participates in various travel fairs and tourism exhibitions and gets promoted in the inflight magazines, too.

Key success factors and challenges 


The main success factors for the agency can be classified as internal and external.

The internal ones describe the features of the organisation itself:

  • Unique offer - personalized activities and experiences;
  • Work in small groups, which makes the trips more experiential;
  • Well qualified employees speaking 5 foreign languages, having a vast international experience, who are passionate about nature and alternative tourism practices;
  • Local guides with good knowledge about the local life;
  • Capacity to successfully respond to cases of emergency, as well as functional, cultural infrastructural and transportation problems;
  • Successful deal with insurance issues.

As an external factor can be mentioned the increased demand to alternative forms of tourism (nature, adventure etc.), which ensures a special marketing segment for the agency.

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Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Naousa, Central Macedonia

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