Kavarna Mussels and Fish Fest


The Mussels and Fish Fest has been organized by Kavarna Municipality every year since 2003. It usually closes the summer event programme and leads to the gradual transition to the autumn. The fest gathers together established chefs and local culinary champions who demonstrate unique recopies and exquisite techniques for preparation of mussels, fish and sea-food in general. Besides with the culinary demonstrations, the Fest programme is enriched with music and dance performances (both traditional and modern), farmer’ markets, street art, workshops for children and other activities.

Traditionally, the Fest is open by Kavarna Mayor who demonstrates her or his culinary skills in preparing mussels and fish. Previous mayors and deputy mayors join in the cooking as well. Thus the continuity in the local community leadership is demonstrated in an informal, positive and unobtrusive way which in end mobilised the community spirit.

Innovative elements

Though the Fest is not innovative as a format as it flows the format that most culinary festivals in Bulgaria follow, the focus on the Black Sea Mussels is unique. The Black Sea mussels (black mussels) are among first bivalve mollusks in Europe for which information dating back to the 1200s is present. The black mussels from the Bulgarian aquatics area have excellent taste due the low salinity of the Black Sea water and have been rediscovered as high-quality food in the last decade. Many seaside restaurants and chefs have revived old traditional recipes for mussels’ preparation or elaborated new ones based for the taste of the nowadays audience. As a couple of the best mussels’ farms are located near Kavarna, the town is best suited to host and organize a mussels’ fest. Food taste is at the core of experience creation here.

Key partners and supporters

The festival has become a part of the cultural and events calendar of Kavarna Municipality. However, Dobrich and Varna information centres also advertise it as an attractive regional event.

Participants, local community and customer segment

The Mussels and Fish Fest welcomes visitors from all over Bulgaria and abroad. The number of participants - both chefs, presenters and tourists - has been increasing year by year.

Communication and dissemination channels

The organizers of the festival carried out marketing steps, which helped raise people's awareness. A number of social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as well as thematic web-sites for tourism and travel have been widely used for the promotion of the event. The festival programme has been announced on the regional and national media – particularly TV and radio-stations, the information desk and the tourist information centre of Kavarna municipality.

Specific elements and features


The festival is organised on the central square of Kavarna and just in front of the town hall. It can be easily reached on foot and by bicycle form anywhere in the town. Public transport lines provide connections with the outer areas of the town, neighbouring villages, town and resorts as well as the closest regional centres of Dobrich and Varna. Parking options are available for those who prefer to use their private vehicles.   


Image Sources: Kavarna Municipality



Kavarna, Central Square


The festival is organized annually in the end of August or the beginning of September.

Organizer and contact information

Kavarna Municipality 
26 Dobrotitsa Street, 9650 Kavarna

Email: obshtina@kavarna.bg


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