Ktima Gerovasileiou

Ktima Gerovasileiou is a complex including a vineyard, a winery and a wine museum.

The complex offers to its visitors various organized activities, including visits of the vineyard and winery, wine and food tastings, guided tours, educational programs. It hosts different events (seminars, lectures, theatrical and musical performances, movie screenings, painting exhibitions, related to the history of the place and the wine). The team also gets involved in the production of publications related to locals and the history of the region.

Marketing approach

The winery runs its own website (https://www.gerovassiliou.gr/en/node) and profile on the social media. It also relies on the visitors’ reviews, as they consider the word of mouth as a strong communication and marketing tool.

Key success factors and challenges

  • Production of quality wines;
  • Deep wine knowledge and, also, knowledge about the history and the culture of the place;
  • Cooperation with local enterprises (restaurants and hotels);
  • Well qualified employees (foreign languages, communication skills);
  • Small groups à more experiential;
  • Constant training and education of the workforce;
  • Take advantage of tourism demand related with wine tourism activities.

Plans for future development

The team plans to involve the visitors more actively in experience-based activities, such as harvesting, and picnics in the vineyard. They also intent to attract local visitors from Epanomi region. Besides, the implementation of new digital technologies in the Wine Museum (digital guided tours, QR codes) are also considered.

Source of the images: https://www.gerovassiliou.gr/en/node


Epanomi, Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia

Key words

vineyard, winery, wine museum, education programmes and guided tours

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