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Odessa Walks was established in 2011 by a team of people passionate about guiding and history. All of them are proud of their family roots and love their hometowns – Odessa (Ukraine), Constanta (RO), Varna and Nessebar (BG). The company pioneered many interesting tours amongst which the original history, culture and Food lovers Tour in the Black Sea Ports (hometowns of the founders). 

Odessa offers a unique cuisine – a mix of Greek, Bulgarian, Jewish, French, Russian and Ukrainian. Odessa has a reputation of being one of the greatest culinary and cultural centres of Ukraine and the former USSR.

Odessa Food (walk) tour explores the city`s history, lifestyle and culture. On this Foodie walk `one literally eat the way through Odessa`s historical quarter`. There are stops at three local restaurants, each with a different flavour for seated food tastings. In between the stops the food lovers move through the old town, uncovering its hidden gems and exploring the famous sights.

The tour is organized for a small group of people – 12 max.

Marketing approach

The tours are promoted with a standard marketing approach – via Facebook, own website, platforms for tourism (TripAdvisor, Viator, etc.). The company tours are listed among top 20`s users favourites due to the positive response.

Financial situation

The tour is offered on a balanced price. This is reasonable in view of the owner`s active involvement as tour guide. The tour is more popular during winter as it provides cosy and warm food stops.

However, the sustainability of the company is secured through all packages of tours that are offered, incl. on an international level.

Key success factors and challenges

Key factors for success of the tour and company are:

  • Entrepreneurial passion and international diversity in the ownership and offered tours;
  • Tours that are designed and guided by local people;
  • Promotion from 3 countries – Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria.

Plans for future development

The future development refers to enlargement of the offered tour packages.

Source of the images: https://www.facebook.com/odessawalks


Odessa, Ukraine

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