The Last Battle of the King


Historical re-enactments are one of the main activities of the Chigot Association. They are a re-enactment of a historical event, battle or simply an aspect of people's lives long ago. In Chigot Association the main focus of the reconstructions are the events from the Bulgarian lands and the Balkans during the period 12-15th century. The historical reconstructions of clothing, weapons and all other objects that Chigot using for this purpose are an integral part of the historical re-enactments. The most important thing is to follow the course of events as accurately as possible and to present them to the public in a way that best reflects the historical reality of the period. For this purpose, in-depth studies of historical sources, which can be written, illustrations from manuscripts, murals, and ideally - archaeological finds, which serve as a basis for reconstructions or precise replicas of objects. It is important for the historical restoration that the clothes are made of authentic materials and with adequate cuts, the weapons - with the behavior and dynamics of the originals. This is done so that the manufactured item or garment can function in the same way as the ones used by our ancestors. The equipment they use is not a theatrical or film prop, which only resembles the real one in vision, but is fully functional and that is why it gives us valuable information about its use in the context of the event.

On November 10, 1444, in the battle of Varna, the Christian Allied European Army, led by the Polish-Hungarian King Wladyslaw III Jagiełło (Varnenczyk) and the Transylvanian Duke Janos Hunyadi, and the three times larger troops of the Ottoman Sultan Murad II, clashed. After this decisive battle, Southeast Europe came under Ottoman rule for centuries. Only the Vatican took part in the battle as a state, but many nations have their representatives - Bulgarians, Hungarians, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Vlachs (now Romanians), Ruthenians (Old Russians), Croats, Saxons, Lithuanians.

The historical re-enactment "The Last Battle of the King" is the largest reconstruction of medieval battle, which is made on the territory of Bulgaria.

So far, the event has nine editions, but due to the pandemic situation and bans on holding mass events in the last two years did not take place.

Key message

Restoration of a historical moment, which is leading for the fate of Bulgaria and the town of Varna in this period. Tribute to the self-sacrifice of the Polish-Hungarian king Wladyslaw III Jagiełło and his army in their desire to stop the impending expansion of the Ottomans in the Balkan peninsula and Europe.

Key activities

  • Preparation of the terrain.
  • Connection with other clubs from Bulgaria and abroad: “Tarnovtsi” Association, MODUS VIVENDI, CRUX ALBA (Hungary), Golden Barrel Association (Serbia), SIVAS SPACHI (Turkey), OLGORI POGONI (Czech Republic) ... and free reactors
  • Advertising and public relations
  • Ensuring fire safety, medical team and securing the battlefield
  • Providing and preparing the pyro-effects
  • Presentation of the last battle of the Crusaders with the Ottomans through acting.
  • Demonstration of medieval combat techniques with weapons that are an exact copy of those used during the actual event.
  • Presentation of crafts related to the production of clothing and weapons of the medieval population - leather, metalworking, blacksmithing, knife making, pottery.
  • Presentation of medieval recipes, as participants and spectators have the opportunity to participate in their preparation.

For the safety of the participants in combat reconstructions, strict safety rules have been developed and applied, including blunt edges of the blades, the best possible protection for the head, arms and torso, and others.

Experiential and interactive activities

The participants and spectators of the event are directly involved in the study of various aspects of the life of medieval Bulgarians and try to recreate them in the most authentic way possible. This includes medieval fencing, warfare, a variety of crafts, cooking and customs.

The historical re-enactment also recreates moments from the everyday, civilian life of medieval people. The Chigot Association presents cooking, sewing, playing medieval musical instruments, cooking mead, various medieval games, practicing ancient crafts and more. We often present these activities at medieval camps and other similar events throughout the country.

Innovative elements

All clothes and equipment are made of natural materials. Using a drone for photos and camera operators.

Main features and services that attract public

Colorful recreation of living history; acquainting the spectators with moments from the everyday life of the medieval Bulgarians by presenting typical for the era crafts and activities.

Key partners and supporters

Chigot Association for l re-enactments, Varna Municipality and Asparuhovo District Municipality.

The event is mainly supported by the voluntary work of the participants, as well as with their own funds. Support is also received from the Park - Museum "Vladislav Varnenchik", which is a branch of the National Museum of Military History.

Participants, local community and customer segment

The main participants in the event are members of the Chigot Society, who are mostly young people with a special interests in archaeology and the historical past of medieval society.

Apart from the Chigot Association - Varna, historical re-enactment companies such as the 18th Ether Infantry Regiment - Veliko Tarnovo, Medvs Vivendi Medieval Society - Sofia, Crux Alba - Hungary, Viteshka druzhina “Zlatno Burence” - Serbia, Society of St. Teodor Stratilat - Serbia took part in the historical reconstruction, as well as many independent reactors from Bulgaria.

Communication and dissemination channels

The connection with the target groups and the audience is made through various local electronic media, as well as through social networks, in which the organizers of "Chigot" have their own pages. The event has been covered many times by various authoritative national television channels: Bulgarian National Television (BNT), Cherno More TV, SKAT TV, etc., as well as on social networks such as Facebook.

Specific elements and features

Managerial and organizational specifics

The Chigot Association for historical re-enactments is non-profit association for private benefit.


The event is held in places that are easily accessible and communicative. Due to the fact that it is held within the city of Varna, public transport is well developed, regardless of where the historical reconstruction takes place in that year.

In connection with the development of green transport and the reduction of carbon emissions in the urban environment, bicycle lanes have been built, which can also be used to get to and from the event. In addition, there is no problem for people with physical disabilities to attend the event, as there are parking lots for cars and buses in the immediate vicinity.

Liaison with other activities and events of the Black Sea Basin Region

The event is related to a number of other historical re-enactments that take place in Bulgaria. The re-enactors participate in a number of events aimed at preserving the historical memory of personalities and events that took place in the Black Sea region. Examples are festivals held in Romania, Moldova and other countries. A very good example of such cooperation is the AQUA CALIDI Medieval Festival in Romania, which has three editions so far.

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The event is held on the territory of Varna. Over the years, the historical re-enactment has taken place in the Sports Complex "Asparuhovo" in the park "Asparuhovo", in the Park - Museum "Vladislav Varnenchik". In recent years, park “Asparuhovo” has been preferred as more easily accessible to more audiences.


The historical reenactment takes place annually on November 10 or the closest holiday, usually on Sunday.

Organizer and contact information

Association for historical re-enactment “Chigot”,
Yasen Nenkov +359 889 364 493

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