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The village of Tyulenovo is located in northern Bulgaria, near the town of Shabla. It is a rocky coast that does not offer a beach, but is a breathtaking place. Right where the earth touches the sea, rises the stone arch, which impresses every visitor. Next to it stoically stands another interesting rock called "The Lonely Man".

Among the most attractive sites to visit in the area are the underwater caves. The most famous of them are Tyulenova (Seal Cave) and Marina. Of particular interest is the Seal Cave, which has a completely submerged part and to reach the seal nest you have to swim a completely flooded tunnel. Passing through it, the tourist finds himself in a spacious hall with a salt lake.

An unusual and extreme maritime tradition has been formed in the picturesque village of Tyulenovo for the last three years. Young people with adventurous hearts and passion for strong experiences test the limits of their spirit by jumping from the rocks near Tyulenovo in the sea waves.

Cliff diving is not very common in Bulgaria, but fans know about the Ashalaka area in the village of Tyulenovo and have been raising their adrenaline for many years. The idea turned into an event when one of the regular jumpers in 2015 decided to make an event, announcing it on Facebook to invite his friends to join his venture. The event, called "The Great Jumping", is rapidly gaining popularity, motivating brave people from all over the country and thus marking the beginning of a new and, hopefully, long Black Sea tradition. The highest points are more than 10 meters high, which call those who want to challenge themselves and their fears.

Key message

Getting acquainted with the natural resources of the Northern Bulgarian coast.

Key activities

SCUBA diving in underwater caves, jumping into sea water from sheer cliffs, the height of the rocks is from 1 to 17 meters, the depth of the places for diving is from 3 to 9 meters. Climbing on the vertical cliff shore is also organized in the area.

Available and popular in the vicinity of Tyulenovo are sites located near the village of Kamen Bryag, such as the area "The Fire", where eternal fire burns, the archeological reserve with rock monasteries "Yaylata", the impressive cape Kaliakra and the famous mussel farm in the village of Balgarevo, Dalboka landscape.

Experiential and interactive activities

All key activities are related to experiences and alternative forms of tourism - jumping from the high cliff shore, seabird watching, diving.

One can consider the creation of a visitor center in the village of Tyulenovo, where an interactive hall will be organized in which to display underwater footage for observation and study of underwater flora and fauna, a story about the missing Black Sea seals from these places. The center would be especially useful for students and tourists who do not have diving training, but are interested in the underwater world of the Black Sea.

Innovative elements

Combination of alternative forms of tourism with visits to sites that are part of the cultural and historical heritage and natural protected areas.

Main features and services that attract public

Getting to know the wildlife of the northern Bulgarian coast. This part of the Western Black Sea coast is the last place that is not subject to redevelopment, overpopulation and is not under stress by many tourists. The proximity to the Bulgarian-Romanian border is a prerequisite for Tyulenovo to be a favorite place of Romanian lovers of alternative tourism.

Key partners and supporters

Support for projects funded by the European Commission, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, SME Diving Clubs on the Northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

Participants, local community and customer segment

Participants are tourists who have diving training, the local population with guest houses and family hotels. The offered services are aimed at tourists with preferences for alternative and experiential tourism.

Communication and dissemination channels

For the event "The Great Jumping", those interested usually organize themselves through social media forums, such as Facebook and others. There are a number of tourist portals where the natural and cultural landmarks of the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast are advertised.

Specific elements and features

Managerial and organizational specifics

DDD Ltd. is a representative of the small and medium enterprises from Bulgaria, operating on the market of tourist services since 2006. The company owns the Poseidon diving center, located on the Black Sea, in the Tyulenovo region, which specializes in practicing adventure sports such as diving. Poseidon Center organizes expeditions and diving courses certified by IDA and CMAS - Germany.


Tyulenovo is located 535 km from Sofia, about 90 km north of Varna and is close to Shabla, where there is organized bus transport, as from most northeastern towns and villages (Varna, Dobrich, Kavarna, Krapets, Durankulak), and from Sofia. Unfortunately, there is still no organized intercity transport from Shabla to Tyulenovo and you can reach the village only by car or with enthusiasm (about 5 km from the lighthouse in Shabla).

The proximity to the Bulgarian-Romanian border and the international road E 87 suggests interest from foreign tourists.

How to get there: Take a dirt road to the right, just before the entrance to Tyulenovo, or follow the right arc around the port, if you are in the center of the village.

Liaison with other activities and events of the Black Sea Basin region

Links are maintained with diving centers and extreme tourism centers from Romania, and joint activities are organized.

Image Sources: http://tyulenovo.info/snimki/


The surroundings of the village of Tyulenovo, Shabla municipality  


 It is suitable for year-round visits depending on the hydrometeorological conditions in the area.

Organizer and contact information

Poseidon Diving Center, Tyulenovo village, municipality of Shabla
Phone: 052/36 13 78, fax: 052/608 203, GSM: 0888/322 175
E-mail: damianov@bulgaria-diving.com
Manager: Med.dr. Damyan Damyanov

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