Veria Volta

Veria Volta (the word stands for walk in Greek) offers a proposal for a leisurely ride with an interesting destination. Activities include thematic walks in the city of Veria and in the nearby and relatively close areas. Visitors are invited to walk in the natural environment, in history, in people's traditions, in secret places, etc.

Combining the walks with different activities, allows the visitor to become a shareholder of history, time, customs, tastes of the area, a participant in activities that bring them closer to the local crops, fruit harvesting, knowledge etc.

The Veria Volta offers the following activities:

  • Volta (walk) in the place of the stars (archaeological sites);
  • "Ambra catabra and the Archaeological Museum for children comes to life“;
  • Volta (walk) in Antiquity and relax with a trip to ancient flavours (ancient Greek snacks);
  • Volta (walk) in Byzantine Veria, the “Small Jerusalem of the Balkans” and tasting with dinner of Byzantine food;

Journeys in nature and knowledge / Walks for families with children;

  • Walk in nature and looking for different types of herbs;
  • "Gnorizo ton topo" (Γνωρίζω τον τόπο) Experiential walk in the cotton fields with 15 contemporary artists and creation of 30 works of art on the theme of cotton.
  • Walk to the Aristotle School "the Harvard" of antiquity and to the surrounding vineyards of Naoussa in the cauldrons with boiling tsipouro, an ancient art that is preserved until now in the area;

Volta - Acquaintance with the traditions and participation in customs and events.

Marketing approach

Veria Volta runs a website ( and a profile on the Social media (Facebook – Veria Volta).

In addition, the tours are promoted in the media through daily and weekly press of the Prefecture and the neighbouring Prefectures, TV or Web Channels and Blogs that are interested in thematic tourism with adults and children and radio spots.

Key success factors and challenges

One of the main success factors is the special design of the activities (based on the interests and specifics of the visitors) and the active participation of the guests, which provides them unique and positive experience.

In addition, the collaboration with artists, historians, tour guides, connoisseur, cooks, trainers, cultural management experts helps developing a diverse and interesting offer. This includes cooperation with the «Ekokistirio Ideon» (Εκκοκκιστήριο Ιδεών) where many of the final actions and presentations of the productions of the visitors take place.

Plans for future development

The plan for future development involve expansion of activities that connect the arts of the past with the planning of the future with raw materials that exist in the area.

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Veria, State of Imathia, Greece

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